How to learn to kiss a guy or a girl - photos and video

When romantic feelings arise between people, they want to be as close to each other spiritually and physically as possible. Lovers show their condition with the help of touches, hugs, kisses. The latter are important in a relationship, because after a kiss you can understand how deep feelings for a person are, and whether they exist at all. How to kiss a guy and a girl on the lips, if they did not have such an experience? There are many different techniques that deserve attention.

How to kiss

Kiss - touching lips to something or to someone. The process is different depending on the intentions of the person. The second half is kissed for a long time, passionately, mother - tenderly, meekly, on the body of the long-awaited child there is no place where the lips of the mother would not touch. Residents of different countries have a different attitude to the phenomenon. The most kissing nations are Spaniards, Germans, Dutch. Even when meeting a stranger, they touch his cheeks with his lips. A loving couple kisses with a tongue. Australians touch each other's foreheads, and the Chinese draw their breath in with their lips and nostrils.

Best kisses

There are a lot of varieties of this phenomenon. The most common kisses of our culture:

  • Welcome. When meeting people smack each other on the cheek, often quickly touch their lips. The phenomenon is not intimate.
  • Romantic. It happens to people between whom feelings arise. It may first affect the earlobes, cheeks, neck, slowly move to the lips. It starts with timid, uncertain movements, then it gains momentum and grows into a kiss with the tongue.
  • Passionate. This category is represented by lip bites, a French kiss, and "dancing" with tongues. This includes kisses on the teeth.
  • Body kisses. A loving person carefully "examines" with his lips the especially sensitive areas of the body - the neck, bends of the arms, legs, stomach, chest.


The classic understanding of platonic love is sublime romantic feelings based on spiritual attraction and not involving physical relationships. Kisses with such love are short, tender, romantic, without smacking and other sounds. Chaste actions are characteristic of adolescents who are not going to switch to an intimate relationship, but are already experiencing feelings. Another understanding of this phenomenon is a friendly, kindred kiss. He expresses joy, gratitude to parents, brother, sister, friend or girlfriend. He is also given at a meeting, goodbye.

Kiss with tongue

This type of expression of feelings rarely happens on a first date, although there are exceptions to the rule among adults. Boys and girls should wait a while with the transition to such a serious stage, so as not to be disappointed. You need to think about how to kiss the language correctly when you are confident in your feelings, their reciprocity. This action allows you to feel the taste of your loved one, to know him better, to awaken sensuality and desires.

Kisses on the lips

How to kiss, they won’t tell you, because each person has his own preferences. However, there are some tricks in this process. A small theoretical preparation will inflame the imagination and give a wide field of activity. A kiss on the lips can be different:

  • Smooth - easy sucking, biting the lips.
  • Smooth - movements are gentle and slow, they do not bypass a single millimeter of the partner’s lips.
  • "Enjoying the bud" (view described by the Kama Sutra) - the man gently squeezes the woman’s lips with his fingers and kisses them.

How to start kissing

In this matter, the environment is important, feelings for individuals of the opposite sex, mood. The young man should invite his soulmate to a romantic date. If it goes well, the girl will have "butterflies in her stomach" and you can kiss her, seeing her home. By the behavior of the partner you will understand whether he is ready for such a stage of the relationship. Burning eyes, reciprocal movements with hugs, stroking - all this suggests that you can act.

Before kissing the lips, you should think about oral hygiene. To smell was normal, it is worth brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, properly remove plaque from the tongue. After eating, be sure to rinse your mouth, use a cleansing thread. Keep your teeth healthy, because tooth decay, holes in enamel, its darkening or yellowness kill self-confidence.

How to kiss a girl

Previously, women rarely took such an initiative. Today, girls are increasingly taking the situation into their own hands and winning. How to learn to kiss first? Three cases in which a kiss is appropriate:

  1. The young man is older than you. He is afraid to do harm, so you yourself let him know when you are ready for the next stage. A girl can give her partner a light kiss or go straight to decisive action.
  2. The guy has no relationship experience. Your accurate movements will help to liberate and teach a young man how to kiss properly.
  3. You have a playful mood. You know exactly what the guy likes, but he’s not in a hurry. During parting, you can approach your partner, clearly making it clear that you are not against something more. Gently touch the lips of a loved one and stay close, waiting for an answer.

How to kiss a guy

Love intentions should not be voiced in the question. This will create a tense atmosphere. How to kiss a guy right? A girl should be loved and loving, then all the constraints themselves will go away. The guy needs to relax, be gentle, decisive, not skimp on nice words (tell her how cool she is, beautiful, the very best). It is not necessary to train in a kiss on a tomato or the tip of a pillow, act intuitively and avoid common mistakes. If a girl closes her teeth or holds her tongue against the palate, then she does not want to continue.

Lip kiss technique

Learning is never too late, even if you have an idea of ​​how to kiss properly. It is necessary to take care of the condition of the lips in advance - make sugar peeling, apply a softening balm. Be open psychologically - keep your eyes straight, do not cross your arms over your chest, smile, do not cover your face with your palms. Further training will not cause you any difficulties and will lead to complete euphoria in practice.

With tongue

The first serious manifestations of feelings are very exciting. The technique of kissing with the tongue will help you become a little more confident:

  1. Gently look at the partner's face and with dry lips touch his lips. For a few seconds, perform light tingling, squeezing.
  2. Moisturize your lips. Then, with the tip of your tongue, slide it over the closed lips of your loved one. If he reciprocates (opens his mouth), the kiss will have a continuation.
  3. Get your tongue into your partner’s mouth. It’s right to do it gently, without pressure. Too deep penetration is not welcome. Move your tongue in different planes - up and down, left and right. You can cover your eyelids and completely surrender to the process. Swallow drooling on time, as too slobbery kisses do not cause pleasure.
  4. Completion. Touch your foreheads, look at your partner. Enjoy the oneness.

No language

How to kiss without a tongue? The instruction is given above, only clause three is excluded. Touch your lips, grip, squeeze, bite, suck them. Act in random order. Hug your partner with your hands, touch your face, neck, slide on your shoulders, waist, but don’t be overly active. That's right, if lipstick has long been erased, men don’t really like such a “dish”.

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