A little black dress is always in fashion - new for women with photos

The world of fashion does not get tired of surprising us with a variety of unexpected styles, models, styles, textures, but short black dresses have remained unrivaled for 90 years. This is a variety of knee-length evening or cocktail attire that can be worn "in a feast and in the world."

Who invented a little black dress

Back in 1926, Coco Chanel, who was mourning for her lover, came up with a small black dress. Although before this black dresses were worn and were mostly like mourning, but Coco broke all the ideas of fashion with the public of the 20s. This innovation was so liked by the ladies that the classic black knee-length dress became very popular in secular society. Yes, Coco Chanel created an outfit that slightly covers her knees, she did not like this supposedly ugly part of her body.

Chanel's outfit design did not shine with excesses - corsets, pompous ruffles, feathers or fringe, buttons and sequins. It was a simple cut, an oval neckline, long sleeves, a narrow skirt just below the knees. Such a modest outfit could have in her wardrobe a woman of any income. A small black dress could turn into a business one or an evening one, depending on what accessories were used. The invention of Coco Chanel took root, became an indicator of good taste.

This was facilitated by the emergence of cinematography. In black and white frames, colored dresses lost contrast, so the heroines were dressed in black dresses, emphasizing the image of a fatal woman. All the other ladies certainly wanted to imitate the cinematic image, to look like vamp women. During the war, it also helped out women who were not able to buy something more expensive, but who wished to look stylish.

Year after year, the fashion for a black dress reached the sixties, when in 1961 the movie “Tiffany's Breakfast” was released with the inimitable Audrey Hepburn, dressed in a magnificent tight-fitting dress with a long narrow skirt, slightly open back and shoulders. The elegant model invented by Hubert Givenchy became the standard of the evening toilet, a cult thing about which the songs were composed. Probably, even now there is not a single celebrity who would not wear him at least once in her life.


This outfit is always in fashion, fashion designers are not tired of coming up with its various styles. The styles are very diverse: short, long, with a variety of collars, an open back, straps, without them, surrounded by lace or frills. It is relevant at all times, which many designers use, striking and shocking the audience with their new products.

The main styles:

  1. Case. A straight silhouette dress that perfectly fits the female figure is suitable for tall, well-built women. Fabrics: satin, stretch, neoprene, wool, jersey.
  2. The basic version of the detachable along the waistline, with a slightly flared half-skirt, flowing soft folds. Laconic, as close as possible to the classic version with long sleeves, a shallow neckline in a semicircle.
  3. Shift Sleeveless dress with a stand-up collar, reminiscent of a Japanese kimono. For sewing use fabrics: silk, chiffon, linen, cotton, knitwear, wool. The model is not demanding on the figure, does not constrain movement.
  4. Tunic. A free "flying" dress that will hide all the flaws of the figure thanks to an elastic band or belt below the waist. It features a simple cut that resembles a peasant girl's shirt. A very diverse model that can be combined with trousers, sports shoes, and evening stilettos. Chiffon, silk, chintz, viscose, knitted fabrics are preferred.
  5. Baby dollars. A mixture of a children's dress and a feminine evening dress, which is distinguished by a high waist line, a fluffy skirt of light fabrics. Outwardly, it resembles a peignoir, can be decorated with lace inserts, frills. This option should suit extremely slim, long-legged young girls.
  6. Polo. Dress with a collar and sleeves, which can be of different lengths and shapes, as well as a skirt. Suitable for women of any age: for low, tall, for slim and not very. It is very fashionable to wear a belt on top and wear, combining with trousers or leggings.
  7. Bell. A romantic, minimalist dress with an a-line skirt and long sleeves. At the sight of this model, the image of the cartoon princess pops up - the beloved of Troubadour. This model is suitable even for full ladies, softening the silhouette and concealing the flaws of the waist.

What to wear

Gabrielle Chanel has introduced the most versatile outfit into fashion, so the question of what to wear a black dress does not go away by itself. It is quite self-sufficient, but a woman can never do without jewelry. What you can’t wear with a little black dress, whether it be a bead, necklace, brooch, scarf, belt, watch, precious metal bracelet, any new part will make it completely different. When creating the desired image, an important place is given to a bag and shoes, and bold eccentric ladies will not fail to supplement it with gloves, a hat, an umbrella.

Basic images that can be adjusted for yourself:

  1. Business lady. It is best to opt for a case. This is an office version of the outfit that can easily be transformed from business to evening. For everyday work, put on an elegant, strict tweed jacket, and in the evening to be irresistible at the corporate party, complete the dress with a string of pearls, take a clutch.
  2. Gray weekdays. This is where fantasies can be roamed. Pay attention to the tunic dress, bell, basic version, polo, shift. In combination with a leather or denim jacket, sneakers, boots, a patent-leather belt, a semi-sports bag, you can create a stylish frivolous image that will decorate your monotonous everyday life. You can also wear a black dress with black tights, fishnet stockings, leggings, capri pants and even trousers.
  3. Evening option. It is advisable to choose a cocktail black dress with a tight-fitting straight silhouette with a deep neckline or open back. You can add sparkle to the image using silver jewelry with stones, necklaces, earrings, massive bracelets and rings. However, you should not put everything on yourself at once, no more than two jewelry at a time, the main thing is restraint and aristocracy.
  4. "Universal Soldier". Do you want to be ready at any time to go to a party and shock the audience at any time? Then the baby-dollar model is a winning option, especially when combined with massive suede or patent leather black boots. It will make you mysterious and attractive. You can wear shoes "boat", which emphasizes the beautiful elegant legs. It will be a casual or evening option, depending on the hairstyle and the cost of jewelry.


Black robe is very demanding on makeup. It is wrong to make a make-up, as you can immediately become a dull person in a boring mourning outfit. Makeup in this case should be bright, catchy, for example:

  1. Lips. Take a closer look at the stars in black, their lips are deep scarlet, and professional make-up artists do it. However, if the makeup focuses on red lips, then the eyes should not be cast brightly.
  2. Eyes. If you don’t like to draw attention to your lips, underline your eyes with arrows or make a smokey ice. Mascara should only be black with the effect of false eyelashes.
  3. Beige shades. Also quite allowed in makeup for a black dress of a business style. Bronze blush, gloss or matte lipstick of light brown shades and necessarily black mascara.

How to decorate-

The image cannot be finished if there are no jewelry and accessories. Everything is individual here, black dress should be decorated depending on its type and where the lady is going in it. Traditionally, a black outfit in the 60s was decorated with a pearl necklace following the example of Jacqueline Kennedy. Black color perfectly sets off the shining mother-of-pearl of pearls. A trapezoidal dress successfully combines with cuffs and long necklaces, but the case gives freedom of action - any jewelry can fit it.

Today, fashion has become more free, and a mixture of styles overtook a small black dress. Accessories are designed to combine different styles in one image, and jewelry - to create a mood appropriate for the occasion. It’s easy and difficult to choose the right parts at the same time. Easy - because on a black background, any jewelry looks sophisticated. It’s difficult - because there is a risk of overdoing it with accessories, and not all age groups can come up with such an outfit. Teenage girls in black outfits will look ridiculous, unless it's a school uniform.

A few tips for choosing accessories and jewelry:

  1. Do not wear tight pantyhose. It is appropriate to put on thin stockings or panty hoses, possibly with a net or with a pattern.
  2. Shoes must be with a closed toe - shoes, "boats" or over the knee boots, boots, sneakers.
  3. Choose bags in the form of an envelope or a small clutch. Casual style allows for small backpacks or semi-sports bags.
  4. The main decoration is conciseness.
  5. Jewelry in a minimal amount, preferably natural or artificial pearls.


  1. Handbag. Madame Chanel had an impeccable taste, was a trendsetter not only in clothes, but also in haberdashery, perfumes. Think of a small quilted black handbag on a chain. It blends perfectly with a laconic outfit.
  2. Footwear. Coco Chanel here has formed its opinion. There should be no color restrictions in the color of the shoes. Shoes can be two-tone, contrasting, provocative.
  3. Hats. Not every woman now dares to put on a hat in addition to the dress, although in vain, the hat makes the woman elegant and attractive. It should not be pompous large "pancakes" with feathers that have long been out of fashion. A small neat hat is quite able to complete the image.
  4. Glasses. Remember the legendary movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's." What gorgeous glasses flaunted Audrey Hepburn. Why not repeat this experiment?
  5. Perfume. "A woman who does not use perfume has no future," said Madame Chanel, and was absolutely right.



Feel the pleasure of choosing jewelry and jewelry for a black dress. They will help smooth out the severity of the black outfit. Combining all kinds of necklaces, necklaces, beads, bracelets, earrings, watches, scarves, belts, you can achieve the novelty of your image. Traditional materials for jewelry are silver, pearls, moonstone. Monochrome jewelry, bracelets with large stones or beads look spectacular. If you want to look brighter, then choose turquoise, enamel, long earrings with emeralds.

Day should be limited to elegant inexpensive jewelry - chains, delicate elegant earrings and bracelets made of light colored material. Natural matte stones, corals are allowed. At the same time, discard other decorations so as not to look like a Christmas tree. Outrageous bold combination - plastic, wooden, leather jewelry. If the dress is made of textured fabric or unusual cut, decorated with drawings, embroidery, then one should give preference to delicate chains and pendants.

In the evening, the girls' best friends are diamonds. But if such luxury is not available, then you can decorate the outfit with a stylish shiny belt or silk belt with an interesting shiny buckle. The main thing is measure. The abundance of jewelry does not give you elegance and aristocracy, but moderation will emphasize good taste. It is completely unnecessary to wear rings with stones on each finger or a dozen bracelets with a black dress, although I want to boast of my wealth. Choose one thing.

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