Tips for building wooden houses: technology and benefits

Its suburban habitat has become a dream of urban residents. Wood is considered the best material for construction. To erect a log or block cottage, take care of insulation, insulation or include in the project a veranda, a porch with an attic? Consider tips for building wooden houses, features of finishing inside and out, the main points of assembly from logs and timber.

Wooden house design

The first step towards a wooden housing is to design a project. Designing a building made of wood should begin with the fact that the main task is versatility and multifunctionality. There should be enough space for everyone, and for forays into the suburban area with a group of friends, provide for everything for the guests. The project should take into account the needs of children and elderly relatives who find it difficult to go up.

Tips for the construction of wooden cottages of houses apply to all premises:

  1. A residential attic with a spiral staircase is a great way to save space below.
  2. If you plan to build a house from a timber with an attic, this will create a play area for children there.
  3. Include a bathroom or several (on the floors) in the project, think about a comfortable kitchen for housewives, large windows for natural light and save energy.
  4. It is advisable to think over architectural subtleties such as a bay window, a cuckoo, a place for internal ventilation, a boiler room for a heating system in rooms during design.

Construction technology

Determining the construction technology, choose between a manual cabin and a log. The first option is reliability, warmth. Cylindering is a constant choice of admirers of beauty and aesthetics. In addition to this, more and more followers are collecting frame technology of structures, it:

  • one of the most inexpensive;
  • simple to execute.

The diameter of the logs and timber should be selected for each specific case. For example, when erecting a residential building from a cylinder, use a size in excess of 22 mm. Otherwise, the room can only be used in the summer. Experts advise to pay special attention to roofing works: fastening the Mauerlat. Wooden structures are not static, constantly moving, the upper crown is fixed using wooden pins.

Construction stages

The construction of a house from a bar includes two main stages. This is due to the physical characteristics of the material: shrinkage or shrinkage (a decrease in wood in volume during the evaporation of moisture). Tips for building wooden houses are to divide the process into:

  1. making a log house;
  2. decoration of the building (a year and a half later, so that the windows and doors, the entire decoration stood smoothly).

The first stage of work includes the following operations:

  • foundation bay;
  • installation of a log house;
  • rafter installation;
  • the formation of the roof (roof).

The second stage includes the installation of doors, windows, flooring, exterior wall decoration. After installation, wait for shrinkage before work. Recommendations:

  1. In the summer, wait a year.
  2. In the winter - six months.
  3. In winter, the wood becomes fragile, work should be more careful.

Many seek to combine the two stages into one, which is fraught with consequences. The blockhouse will sit down, but the windows / doors will not. This is the cause of defects and crevices. You can build a wooden timber house with your own hands in one stage. You only need to know one trick - you can leave cuts above the windows and doors in the amount of 4 cm. At about this height, the wood will sit.

Interior decoration

Masters suggest that the interior decoration of a house made of wood be done using a blockhouse, lining or drywall. Remember that within five to six years, the wood will sit down, which can lead to distortions and tearing of the coatings. In general, the finishing process includes caulking the walls from the inside, cladding, ceiling finishes, flooring, stain treatment, painting. Impregnation with antiseptic substances, followed by coating with a film-forming composition, is recommended to protect the wood from adverse factors:

  • pollution;
  • moisture
  • ultraviolet from the windows;
  • scratches.

Construction of wooden houses from timber

Building a house from a bar with your own hands is a difficult and enjoyable task. Properly selected material can facilitate work. Tips on the technology of building wooden houses from timber are reduced to a choice of three types of material:

  1. profiled - facilitating the construction;
  2. crown - similar to the previous one;
  3. whole - as economical as possible.

Construction of frame houses

The technology of frame construction is used by developers relatively recently. Its advantages are lightness and rigidity. Tips for the construction of wooden houses recommend remembering the installation of braces when installing wall frames. Do not rely on cladding: you are building housing, not a closet. Carefully refer to the reinforcement in the walls of the material for insulation. Otherwise, in a couple of years it will go down, and it will be possible to correct the situation only after analyzing the skin. Use dry wood treated with protective compounds for the frame.

Construction of wooden houses from a log

This technology is the oldest known to ancestors. The owner provides himself with an eternal building for the construction of wooden houses from logs, but only subject to the rules. Caulk such buildings can be throughout the entire time, the main thing is to "plant" the crowns on tow or moss. Do not use new heaters, gaskets are a waste of money.

Outbuilding construction

How to build a house out of timber and finish it is more or less clear. What to do with extensions? Advisers recommend staying up to three meters wide. The length should correspond to the length of the wall of the main building. Do not tie the extension to the front door. A bathroom, accessible from a bedroom or a corridor, is much more convenient, and access to the summer kitchen from the living room will simplify the reception of guests at the festive table.

Foundation construction

The main tips for laying foundations for wooden houses are as follows:

  • It is necessary to maintain the foundation so that the foundation does not collapse over time, leading to deformation of the entire structure.
  • There is a need for a solid fixation in the ground - for reliability, the foundation must be fixed without pressure from the walls.

Construction mistakes

Masters are faced with deviations from the design axes, insufficient foundation quality and the wrong choice of location (location close to neighboring wooden structures entails a fire hazard). In addition, developers forget about waterproofing (moisture protection), ventilation and grounding. Errors in the construction of a house from a beam are conditionally divided into three categories:

  • design and preparatory;
  • assembly;
  • operational.

Wooden House Construction Companies

A sufficient number of companies with different pricing policies are engaged in the construction of warm wooden structures using excellent quality building materials in Russia. The development of projects for residential premises, baths and outbuildings, as well as construction and finishing work are proposed. Economy or premium housing - the choice is yours. Examples:

  • GOOD WOOD, for example, offers turnkey work, with its own production and step-by-step quality control system.
  • Moscow "Architect" - designs, builds, arranges communications, arranges interiors and repairs buildings.

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