Avoiding Travel Vacations in Turkey: Travel Tips

Information on how to avoid troubles on vacation in Turkey will be useful for tourists who prefer comfortable hotels on the coast. There are many tourist regions and interesting places in the country, each population has its own charter of life, mentality, national traditions, customs and customs. If you carefully study them in advance, to protect yourself and loved ones, the question of whether to go on holiday to Turkey will not arise.

Is vacation in Turkey dangerous?

After last year’s ban on tourist trips, Russians are trying to find out in advance whether vacation in Turkey is dangerous. According to the reviews of tourists who continue to relax here on their own, the safest places to buy tickets are tourist areas near the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. The cities are located there:

  • Antalya;
  • Kemer;
  • Side;
  • Alanya;
  • Marmaris.

According to the forecasts of tour operators, Turkish resorts are well prepared to receive the Russians - a complete renovation has been carried out and hotel security has been strengthened. Turkey remains the most popular and affordable country with high-quality All inclusive service, which attracts tourists, and the remoteness of these regions from the capital of the state makes them safe.

The attacks in Istanbul, Ankara and other cities indicate that the political situation in this area is still tense, even after security was strengthened at international airports and major attractions. These areas of Turkey pose a great danger for recreation, so it is better to refrain from traveling there.

What are the troubles of tourists in Turkey

Experienced travelers are advised not to focus on fears, but to pay all attention to rest. With caution, it is easier to avoid curious cases. What are the troubles of tourists in Turkey:

  • Theft of documents, things or money.
  • Poisoning by poor-quality food.
  • Injury. Trouble can happen on the beach, near the pool.

If you stole a bag with documents that are necessary for leaving Turkey, you should contact the local gendarmerie after learning the address at the hotel reception in advance. For tourists who do not know English, must provide an interpreter. Often, attackers take only money by throwing documents. With early treatment, there is a chance to return them back.

Food in turkey

Many tourists believe that eating in hotels on an all-inclusive basis, you can form an opinion about food in Turkey. You can appreciate the skill of Turkish cooks by tasting dishes from the diner. The reviews of people who have been here will help to understand and choose a place for a meal. They tell how to avoid trouble on vacation in Turkey, on the pages of blogs. Experienced travelers advise:

  1. Choose a cafe where tables are occupied by locals.
  2. Do not order dishes with hot sauces that do not allow you to determine the taste of the products.
  3. Choose a restaurant where they cook in the presence of visitors.

Traditional Turkish cuisine will not bring unpleasant surprises. Most side dishes and salads are made from fresh, stewed, baked vegetables. They cook meat, fish. The main danger to the stomach that lies in wait for tourists is food that quickly deteriorates in the heat, so you should try a few spoons before attacking the food.

Transport in Turkey

Public transport in Turkey is inexpensive, for a few dollars it will deliver to any area. However, he often gets into accidents and is considered the most dangerous type of movement around the country. In the summer season, there are not enough permanent drivers; workers from villages are invited. Big buses and street taxis are more reliable for trips. Many tourists prefer to travel around Turkey on their own, renting a car at a street agency.

Theft in Turkey

There are frequent cases when the Russians inadvertently remained in the resorts without money and suitcases. Fraudsters take every opportunity to commit theft. In order to protect yourself from theft in Turkey, you must follow the rules:

  1. Check baggage immediately upon receipt.
  2. Do not take jewelry and valuables on a trip abroad.
  3. Do not show money.
  4. Put documents in a safe.
  5. Take a suitcase with a complex combination lock.
  6. If possible, use a card.
  7. Do not withdraw funds from an ATM on a busy street.
  8. Do not walk alone in the dark.
  9. Leaving the room, close windows, balcony and entrance doors tightly.
  10. On the market, put the wallet in the inner pocket.

Sex on vacation in Turkey

Cases with tourists who talk about sex on vacation in Turkey indicate that it is better not to look for casual intimate acquaintances. After the resort adventures, Turkish men who spread indecent rumors about our compatriots consider themselves irresistible. If women on vacation in Turkey do not want trouble, it is better to behave modestly.

Male tourists are not advised to look at the female population in order to avoid conflict with the locals. Any look, gesture or attempt to photograph a girl is regarded as indecent intentions and provokes a hostile attitude. To visit restaurants, cafes, markets and other places of entertainment in Turkey in groups, then there will be no incidents.

Personal safety of the tourist

For the personal safety of the tourist, you should familiarize yourself with the customs of local residents, read about the features of communication with them, and specify the numbers of the consulate, gendarmerie or police station. Almost everywhere in Turkey they speak English. By learning a few common phrases, you can solve the problems. In order to avoid conflicts, you need:

  1. Respect the shrines of the Turkish people.
  2. Do not drink alcohol-containing drinks on the street.
  3. Do not swim on the wild beaches.
  4. Do not wear a swimsuit outside the hotel and the beach.
  5. Visiting mosques with a covered head is forbidden for men to wear shorts, and for women a short skirt.
  6. Do not insult the locals, avoid fights, show courtesy.
  7. Listen carefully to the advice of the guide.

If you fall ill abroad

In order to know how to avoid the troubles on vacation in Turkey with health, it is recommended to read the conditions of travel insurance before the trip. It says under what circumstances the doctor’s services will be fully paid by the insurance company. You can collect a first-aid kit from medicines for the treatment of an adult and a child - antipyretic, analgesics, antiemetics. Then, if you get sick abroad, it will be easier to recover on your own.

What to take with you on vacation to Turkey

So, the trip will be successful if you take the most necessary items with you on holiday to Turkey. These include:

  • sunscreen, burn control;
  • phone charger;
  • slippers for the pool and beach;
  • sanitary napkins for hand disinfection;
  • mosquito repellent cream;
  • electronic navigator;
  • mask for swimming.

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