Do-it-yourself American skirt for girls

An American do-it-yourself skirt is an indispensable thing in the wardrobe, especially of a young fashionista. A skirt is the most perky, feminine and flirty element of clothing. One of these skirts is an American skirt. A very airy and fluffy skirt, stuffed with bright ruffles from the inside, at their expense it looks so raised.

An American skirt with light ruffles goes to almost everyone without exception. The length of the American skirt can be varied: from very short (so-called mini) to floor length. The main emphasis of such a skirt is always on the waist, due to this you can look very seductive and sexy.

The skirt is an American native to the United States. She appeared in 1947 under the leadership of a young and unknown designer Christian Dior. It was he who showed the world a new type of clothing - a fitted upper with a high waist and a very magnificent skirt. Ideally, such skirts are sewn from nylon chiffon, but it is also possible from simple chiffon, organza, tulle, and knitted mesh. Our site of useful tips Sovets.Net will now tell you how to choose an American fashionable skirt and what to wear with it.

How and with what to wear an American skirt

Most often, American skirts are worn on little girls. Just imagine how cute a child in such a skirt will look, well, spilled, princess! And if both the little princess and her young mother will be dressed in the same American skirt, then this is a double admiration.

An American skirt is a win-win option for any occasion, whether it's a party or birthday. An American skirt is not cheap and therefore not all parents can afford to buy it to their beloved beauty. But you can sew such a skirt yourself, though it is of a very complicated cut and not everyone can make it, as befits by all the rules.

For older girls, skirts of this kind are best avoided. They can be worn at a festive party or photo shoot. The most important point in wearing an American skirt is to properly present it.

You can wear anything with an American skirt: corsets with lacing on the chest and back, jackets, turtlenecks, t-shirts with a variety of patterns, chiffon blouses. Under a light skirt, it is best to wear flesh-free transparent tights, but you can choose what you like - leggings or tight tights.

At the end of the outfit, you need to choose the right shoes, the best shoes are big heels (it doesn’t matter if the heel is a stiletto heel or not) or ballet shoes. From accessories you can add pearl jewelry.

There is one drawback is that not every girl will suit an American skirt. You should have a flat tummy, and you should be the owner of slender legs. Good luck, your tips website!

Do-it-yourself American skirt

And now, let's look at the option of sewing an American skirt with our own hands. If you have experience in sewing and feel confident next to a sewing machine, then you can try to sew this element of your wardrobe on your own.

Necessary materials

  • As already mentioned above, it is advisable to use nylon chiffon with a density of 15 den for sewing an American skirt. But the fact is that not all sewing stores, especially in the provinces, you can find this material. Therefore, many craftswomen replace it with chiffon, knitted mesh or even tulle. Of course, in this case, the classic American skirt will not work, but still the beautiful intricate skirt will be unambiguous. As a rule, it takes about 5-10 meters of fabric to sew one skirt, depending on its size and length.
  • For sewing a coquette you will need up to 30 cm of crepe satin or satin.
  • 2 spools of thread, matched to match the fabric.
  • An elastic band that fits into the belt. Choose an elastic band with a width of 3 cm and a length equal to the waist circumference of the one on whom the product is sewn.
  • To decorate the skirt, you will also need a satin ribbon with a width of at least 2 cm and a length of about a meter. In the future, a bow belt will be made from this tape.
  • Do not forget about the flizelin for the coquette.

Sewing sequence

Step 1

To begin with, you will have to calculate the amount of fabric per skirt, for this you should take into account the desired length of the finished product. Given that American skirts are mainly sewn for children, for girls up to a year, a skirt length of 25 cm is considered to be sufficient length, for ages from 2 to 4 - about 35 cm, for ages up to 10 years - 45 cm.

If the skirt is intended for an older girl, then try to make the finished product no longer than the level of the knees. In our instructions, we analyze sewing a skirt for a girl of 6 years of age, respectively, all the calculations below will come from a skirt length of 40 cm and a waist volume of 52 cm.


  • Length of 2 tiers = 27.5 cm (upper tier 13 cm, lower tier 14.5 cm)
  • We cover a rectangle for a coquette, measuring 20 cm by 106 cm.
  • On the upper tier, a strip of 14 cm by 4.7 m is needed, and on the lower tier a strip of 15.5 cm by 7.3 m.
  • A strip of fabric for cutting quilling 7cm by 26 m.

Step 2

On a cardboard blank we begin to cut the fabric.

Step 3

We cut out all the necessary details for the above dimensions. Glue the interlining to the yoke at the top and bottom.

We proceed directly to sewing a fluffy skirt of an American

  • Sew the yoke into the ring, leaving a slot for the elastic. Bend the yoke in half, facing outward, align it and secure it with pins.
  • Move away from the 3 cm bend and lay a stitch, then lay another stitch at a distance of 2.5 cm from this stitch. Iron the yoke without smoothing the top edge.
  • Using a special foot for assembling ruffs, we form ruffles from previously cut blanks. Note that the cut strips must first be connected in two identical lengths of ruffle.
  • Connect the upper tier with the short side into rings, remembering to leave an allowance of 4 mm. Follow the same steps with the lower tier.
  • Sew ruff to the lower tier. Then reassemble along the opposite edge.
  • Connect the upper and lower tiers together.
  • Sew the finishing tape between the tiers.
  • Along the upper tier, also make an assembly and connect it to the upper edge of the yoke, while the lower edge should remain free.
  • Then sew the petticoat to the bottom of the yoke.
  • Next, use the overlock to process the edges of the yoke and connect them between the upper and lower skirts.
  • Insert the rubber band.
  • Sew a satin ribbon, the ends of which are tied in a bow.

American skirt is ready!

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