Gifts for a child of 2 years - a boy and a girl

Children from an early age adore the attention of parents and gifts, which are first curiously studied, and then sometimes put aside. The question immediately arises: what to give the child for two years, so as not only to interest him for a few minutes, but to develop, train fine motor skills of fingers, quick wits? It is important to consider financial possibilities, because it’s not at all necessary to buy an electric car of the latest model; But there are other options that you should pay attention to before buying.

Criteria for choosing a gift for the baby

If adults have to visit the birthday of a two-year-old child, and not a christening, for example, it is necessary to pre-determine the gift that will delight the birthday person. Below are the main evaluation criteria that will definitely facilitate the task of an adult:

  1. The gift should be interesting and bright, as children at this age pay more attention to appearance than to content. If a new item attracts externally, then in the future it has every chance of becoming a favorite toy.
  2. When choosing a gift, please note that the material of manufacture should be hypoallergenic, especially when it comes to dolls for girls, cars for boys. At this age, the habit of "trying on the tooth" in most children disappears, but some babies still pull everything in their mouths.
  3. The gift should be useful so that the children can deal with it, increase their intellectual abilities, and receive elementary skills. Alternatively, you can offer interactive toys that have a huge number of functions, while being designed for a specific age.
  4. When choosing a gift, it is important not to forget who it is intended for - a boy or a girl. The difference of interests affects from the first days of life, so a little ball is unlikely to cause interest in a soccer ball.
  5. Of great importance is the packaging of the future gift. If the child sees a beautiful bow or paper shimmering in different colors, then there will be no limit to happiness and delight, while it is not so important what is packed inside.
  6. When choosing a gift, it is important to consider the temperament of the crumbs. Active children are more fond of outdoor games, walks in the fresh air and adventure. Quiet kids, on the contrary, prefer home comfort, studying books, watching cartoons, board games, and exciting cubes.

Given all these rules, you can make the best gift for a child for 2 years, which he will prefer to others in his daily games. Gifts that are too expensive should be chosen for those parents whose budget will suffer their loss or breakdown, in other cases, disappointment will overwhelm all the joy of buying, and pulling a baby constantly out of their own fears of breakdown is also not an option.

Top 10 universal gifts for children 2 years old

A birthday present is especially memorable, therefore it is important to make the right choice, but first consider the various options, abandon trinkets and sweets. So what to give a child for two years to become a long-awaited guest and a good magician for him? It can be:

  • a colorful book with capital letters and pictures;
  • easel for drawing or wooden board;
  • constructor with large segments;
  • Zaitsev cubes for the development of logical thinking;
  • rocking horse for fun;
  • finger theater for role-playing games with parents;
  • children's backpack with a toy, for example, as an option - characters from cartoons about Teletubbies;
  • toy musical instruments for the first lesson or game;
  • a set for drawing or modeling for training fine motor skills of fingers;
  • insert frame or lacing for quick-witted tasks.

Boys and girls will surely enjoy these gifts from parents and adults, they will immediately decide to play. Such presentations are relevant not only for the birthday, but also for the New Year, on March 8, so it will be easy for you to plan your purchases for the future. It is worth considering that it is better to choose products of famous brands, because the safety of a gift is no less important than beauty and functionality.

2 year old baby gift ideas

The fertile time of young children gives parents a lot of chances to get gifts. When choosing, creativity and imagination are welcome, especially since in stores it is easy to purchase something original, unbroken. The pyramids and sorters are already fed up, and the time has not come for the alphabet, but there is a whole list of products that will play their part as a gift for boys or girls of tender age.

For boy

Future men from early childhood dream of a personal vehicle. Based on financial capabilities, you can buy an electric car, but the kid will also like the tricycle in the style of your favorite cartoon characters. A great gift will be a tool kit, a knight's sword, a soccer or basketball ball, a set of a young detective or an aspiring explorer.

The boy also needs clothes, but it should be a bright elegant suit or other wardrobe items on the advice of the parents. In order not to be mistaken with the choice of such a gift, it is important to find out the children's size in advance and consult what is better and in what color scheme to purchase. It is not recommended to buy things for a child without authorization, since the baby may never wear them.

At the age of two years, little boys are particularly curious, therefore it is recommended to read and play intellectual games with them. You will definitely like such a gift, especially if you choose prints about cars, helicopters, dinosaurs. The behavior of the baby, his desire to delve into the topic will tell adults what to choose.

For girl

It is recommended to start the search for a worthy gift for a girl who is about to turn two, in advance, while it is advisable to find out from the future birthday girl what she will like. Stylish clothes become an excellent option, and children love bright, colorful, rich, cheerful wardrobe items.

Parents often choose dolls, a toy house with interior items, interactive pets, sets for children's creativity, coloring books and simply informative books for little princesses as a gift to the girl. But it can also be a children's bicycle or a scooter, a fashionable handbag or backpack, a set of children's cosmetics and even hypoallergenic perfumes. Here it is better to ask in advance what to give her for the next holiday, what other cherished dream to fulfill.

If adults are lost in choosing a gift, they can watch modern advertising and find out what the younger generation lives and is interested in. It does not hurt to enlist the support of a sales assistant when answering the question of what to give a smart child for two years. It is important to proceed from your budget, but at the same time remember that a gift in any case should be useful, necessary and exciting.

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