How to get a permanent - static IP address of a computer

There are many situations when a user needs a statistical IP address. Some lovers do not think at all about such subtleties in ordinary life and are confused when they have to deal with this. Be sure to find out how to make a permanent IP if a specific network or device requires a unique address and no other connection is possible.

What is it needed for-

If you decide to use a personal computer as a server, then you can not do without a statistical IP. This is necessary so that other users can connect to your service. In addition, there are special programs that require such an IP for correct operation. If you use dynamic ip, then users of your resource will be forced to learn and enter new data each time. Attendance of such a site will be minimal. That's what a permanent IP address is for.

How to do on Windows 7

For the sake of this task, you do not need special skills or additional programs, you just need to change the settings. You can make a permanent IP address on Windows 7 like this:

  1. You must go to the tab with changing adapter settings.
  2. We find our network connection and view its status. It is important to note that if you connect to the Internet through a cable, then you need to open the status of connections on the local network. When connecting via Wi-Fi, see the wireless data.
  3. In the status window, click on "Details". Information from "ipv4 address" to "dns server" inclusively needs to be fixed in memory. Close the window.
  4. You need to open the connection properties and go to the Network tab. Check the box next to the TCP / IPv4 protocol and view the properties using the corresponding button.
  5. In this window, we mark the item that allows for self-tuning. Next, we prescribe the data that was obtained in paragraph 3. You can configure automatic definitions of network parameters. Reboot your PC or laptop.

On the router

The algorithm of actions is almost identical for all routers. Follow this instruction to make a permanent IP address on the router:

  1. You will need to connect the router and go to the settings. For this purpose, enter the numbers in the browser line that can be found on the back of your device. It also contains information about the username and password. By default, admin and admin must be entered in these fields.
  2. Switch to the tab of the dhcp server Clients List. This allows you to find devices that connect to the router, select the desired one and copy the MAC address
  3. Open the Address Reservation tab and click on Add New. In the MAC Address line, enter the numbers copied earlier. Reserved IP Address - you need to register an IP from a certain range. In the Status line, leave everything unchanged (enabled). To fix the data, press the save button.

On the screen you see the created rule. It can be changed or deleted. All settings will start to function after rebooting the router. It is worth noting that when working with Asus routers, it’s worth going to the "Local Area Network" tab. The DHCP menu is at the top of the window. The "Add" button is similar to the Add New button from the instructions presented.

For Minecraft Server

There are special services that will help you complete this task. No-ip provides the ability to make a permanent IP address for the Minecraft server. Your device will be assigned a static address in the form of a domain name. Procedure:

  • Select No - IP Free and click learn more. On the page that opens, click Sign up now.
  • Write down the required registration fields. After its completion, click on Sign again.
  • In the site menu, select the icon of your operating system. After that, the page with the necessary program will load, download it.
  • Once again go to the website under your registration information and add a new host using Add a Host.
  • Install and open the program, log in. In the hosts window, select the one you added earlier.

How to get an ip address

By default, the external ip is dynamic. The provider is able to provide its customers with a static IP. You can express a desire even when drawing up a contract. You can get an ip after connecting to the Internet by filling out an application through your personal account or directly when communicating with a consultant. This service provides an additional charge.

How to make IP not change

Normal dynamic IPs are modified every time they enter the network. To IP did not change, you need to replace the dynamic IP address with a static one. This can be done using a paid service provider or using the free No-IP program. Choose the option that suits you best. You can change the ip directly on the router or in the OP. Here's how to create an ip address.

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