Fashion sofas 2019

The main acting "person" of any home is generally recognized as a sofa. Their diversity is amazing. Furniture manufacturers offer a huge assortment of various models of sofas, different colors, shapes and folding mechanisms.

The most fashionable sofas 2019-

The most popular options are models that are designed in a modern style - high-tech, eco-style, baroque and rococo.

Eco-style models continue to lead among fashionable sofas in 2019. The main characteristics of this direction are associated with the preservation of natural trends, the use in the production of natural materials and upholstery in light, muted tones .-

Upholstery plays a special role in these models, manufacturers give preference to fabrics resembling burlap in texture and color. - Product lines are proportional, straight.

Preserve leadership positions in the Provence style. Artificially aged details give an antique look to the already chic furniture.

Products with bright upholstery — lilac, red, and purple — are popular this season.

Fashionable form of sofas

The most fashionable sofas of 2019 are still round and corner models .-

Round sofas

Round models are preferred by women seeking to create cozy, comfortable corners. They are suitable for spacious rooms. The trend of round upholstered furniture continues the roundabout. Such options are good from any angle, they do not have a back side. Place these items in the center of the room. Behind them are shelves for books or interior accessories.

Corner sofas photo

Amazing variety of assortment of corner models. In the catalogs of factories are presented:

  • models with various types of sliding mechanisms
  • products in modern or classic styles
  • pieces of furniture with different fillers and upholstery options

Advantages of corner models:

  • Hiding angle
  • Extra space
  • Extra bed
  • Unique interior
  • Savings - no need to purchase several seats .-

Modular sofas

The next most popular this year is the modular sofa. Its design features allow you to move or push the product, creating any shape. Using the mobility of these sofas, the owners can “force” the furniture into a shape that matches the configuration of the room.

Transformers sofas do not lose popularity. They fold out into double beds and are equipped with spacious compartments for storing blankets, pillows and other bedding.

Popular this year are sofas, chaise lounges, sofa sofa models, ottomans without armrests and bay windows - curved models.

Classic sofa

Classic sofas are straight rectangular items. The main advantage of such models is versatility. They are installed in living rooms, spacious halls, offices, bedrooms and kitchens of suburban apartments and city apartments .-

Regardless of form, modern manufacturers give their products features that are characteristic of both modern furniture and chic pieces of furniture of past centuries. For greater ease of use, such models are equipped with a sliding mechanism "dolphin" or "eurobook".

Dolphin Sofas

Sofas with a built-in dolphin mechanism are designed as a roll-out system. They are intended for continuous use. The name "dolphin" was formed by analogy with the type of work of the product. When unfolding, the product resembles a dolphin jump.

Modern factories introduced these models recently, but they managed to catch on. Furniture stores offer corner products with this mechanism, made of durable sheet metal.

Sofa bed eurobook -

The sofas "eurobook" are distinguished by compactness and grace. Their design features are designed to solve the problem of small-sized apartments, and such pieces of furniture can easily be transformed into a comfortable double bed .-

The back of the product falls into a niche vacated by the seat, without requiring additional space. In the unfolded position, such a sofa has practically no cavity between the back and the seat.

Upholstery material -

The popularity of sofas is largely dependent on the upholstery. The best options for upholstery are:

  • shinill
  • leather
  • quilted fabrics
  • "eco leather"
  • microfiber
  • flock
  • jacquard
  • faux fur
  • velours
  • tapestry

Some manufacturers combine several different fabrics in the upholstery, thereby achieving increased wear resistance and originality of the product design.

The upholstery repeating the texture of burlap is especially popular.

Fashionable sofa colors 2019

The color of the sofa helps create an exclusive design. In the current season, for modern interiors, preference should be given to ultra bright color options: purple, red, purple and floral print.

For classic interiors, natural shades are appropriate: beige, milky, brown, terracotta .-

Sofas for children

The versatility of sofas has allowed them to become a favorite children's furniture. The main advantage is their ability to unfold and the presence of drawers for linen, which can accommodate not only bedding, but also numerous children's toys.

Children's sofas are notable for the safety of sliding mechanisms, high quality and environmental friendliness. From a safety position, children's sofas are made without springs .-

Grading of models of children's sofas is made according to age criteria. Teenagers prefer frameless models painted in bright colors. Frameless models look like a packed bag covered with fabric. Their feature is the absence of legs and frame slats. They allow you to sit, lie and even jump.

Orthopedic models will help to create the correct posture. They repeat the bends of the child's body and have the necessary rigidity. Choosing a sofa for a child will help a video review of a specialist:

How to choose a sofa

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