Sizes of sets of baby bedding by age of the child

The task of parents is to create the conditions for a comfortable baby sleep in the bedroom. During sleep, children restore energy spent per day, grow, gain strength for a new day. An important choice is not only pajamas, a plaid, blankets, bedspreads, but also the bedding set itself. The sizes of bed sets for children are chosen according to the age of the child and the dimensions of the bed.

Standard sizes for baby bedding sets

There is a difference between sets for children, newborns, adolescents. When choosing the size of a set of baby bedding, measure the dimensions of the bed (length, width, height), blankets and pillows.

In most cases, the child sleeps in a single bed. The standard sizes for single bedding are:

  • Duvet cover - width 115 cm, length 147 cm;
  • Sheet - 120 cm in width and 150 cm in length;
  • Pillowcase - 40 cm wide, 60 cm long.

When buying children's sleeping sets, it is important to pay attention to the type of fabric, its naturalness and the quality of the dyes. For baby bedding, manufacturers use:

  • Cotton (soft and environmentally friendly);
  • Satin (dense silk fabric with a smooth and shiny face);
  • Chintz (lightweight cotton material);
  • Flax (smooth surface, matte gloss);
  • Satin Suite (strong, shiny);
  • Poplin (cotton, silk);
  • Polyester (synthetic, soft material).

Ranfors and supercotton are also used for sewing a crib; occasionally, nylon and silk. Cotton fabrics - calico and satin - are durable and have a tight binding, so the price of sets of them is slightly higher than the rest.

Pay attention to the inscription on the label: at what temperatures (revolutions) do you need to dry and wash your chosen linen. The set will serve you longer, will not shed, deform. And as a result of use, the bed will not become, for example, less than the length of the bed .-

To the crib

A crib is one of your baby's favorite places. After birth, the baby spends most of his time here. The more he sleeps, the faster he grows - this is the saying of popular wisdom. The choice of a bed set in a crib should be taken responsibly and buy it in advance.

When purchasing it, please note that the dimensions of the bed set comply with the following standards:

  • Sheet - 110 cm by 150 cm;
  • Duvet cover -112 cm by 147 cm;
  • Pillowcase - 40 cm by 60 cm.

The prices of such a purchase vary: there are cheaper, there are more expensive. To save money, you can order the kit in the online store or sew it yourself. The latter option is suitable for you, and if the dimensions of the crib are non-standard. The finished kit will be perfectly tailored to the desired size. Invaluable help when sewing products you will have a detailed video guide for its manufacture:

How to sew a baby bedding set

For newborns

Having a baby in a family is a great joy. Parents try to choose all the best, best and highest quality for their child. When choosing clothes, pay attention to the naturalness of the fabric (cotton, anti-allergenicity, environmental safety), seams and compliance with sanitary standards.

The sets for newborns include:

  • The blanket is 110 cm by 140 cm. Thin and flanne enough for the summer, two thin and one down (or camel hair) for the winter. They are small, compact.
  • Duvet cover - 112 cm by 146 cm.
  • Protective side - 360 cm by 36 cm. Soft is better to use in winter, because in summer, it impairs air exchange.
  • Pillow (standard is thin).
  • Pillowcase - 60 cm by 40 cm.
  • Canopy with fastening.
  • Side pockets and mattress cover (depending on configuration).
  • The sheet is 127 cm by 146 cm (it can be on an elastic band).

For teens

When choosing a bed for a teenager, pay attention to color and design. Teenagers are better suited for thematic bright images; there is a choice for both boys and girls. Stores provide a wide range of underwear: with cartoon characters, movies, comics, a variety of patterns (see photo below).

Standard parameters for a teenage kit:

  • Duvet cover - 145 cm by 215 cm.
  • Sheet - 150 cm by 220 cm.
  • Pillowcase - 50 cm by 70 cm.

Sizes of bed linen for kindergarten

Kindergartens require sets of environmentally friendly fabrics to suit the requirements of the sanitary station. Often, fabrics such as satin, calico, linen, chintz are used here. Standardly, sleeping sets include one pillowcase, one sheet, one duvet cover.


  • Sheet - width 100 cm, length 145 cm;
  • Duvet cover - 110 cm in width and 145 cm in length;
  • Pillowcase - width 40 cm, length 60 cm.

Sizes of a double bedding set for children

Not as popular as single beds, but double sets for children are still used. Due to low popularity, manufacturers almost never release them. Such a set includes one duvet cover, one sheet, two pillowcases.

Sizes of a double bedding set for children:

  • Sheet - 180 cm by 260 cm;
  • Duvet cover - 160 cm by 220 cm;
  • Pillowcase - 50 cm by 70 cm.

In addition to the usual standards for us, there are so-called "Euro" standards that are used by foreign manufacturers for sewing bedding. They are not significantly different from ours, but usually more .-

Euro bedding sizes are as follows:

  • Duvet cover - 200 cm by 220 cm;
  • Sheet - 215 cm by 240 cm;
  • Pillowcase - 50 cm by 70 cm.

There are times when the bed, pillow, blanket of a child does not meet standard parameters, then a set of linen will be more difficult to find. Tip: measure the dimensions you need and add to the resulting 5 cm - you get the optimal value.

If this information helped you in determining the size of your bedding, or if you want to share your advice, leave your comments at the bottom of the page. They will be useful to other readers.

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