Hemorrhoids and potency in men

Almost every man who has hemorrhoids, wonders if they affect sexual desire. The genitourinary system in a strong half of humanity provides for a very close location of the prostate and rectum. For this reason, hemorrhoids and potency are interrelated, because with an increase in hemorrhoidal nodes, a man has pain in the groin, blood from the anus, which affects the quality of sexual intercourse.

What is hemorrhoids

This is a common disease that brings a lot of trouble and reduces the quality of life. Hemorrhoids are a pathology that is accompanied by the formation and expansion of venous nodes in the area of ​​the anal canal. Typically, varicose changes in the colon are observed in young men from 30 to 50 years old, leading a sedentary lifestyle, or vice versa, who are too active in physical activity.

Many men are sure that the inflammation passes on their own over time, but this is not so. If you experience the first symptoms, you need to contact a proctologist, because the treatment of inflamed hemorrhoidal veins, like any other pathology, is faster and more effective at an early stage. Untimely access to a doctor is dangerous, since complications such as thrombosis, prolapse of the intestine, and pathological effects on the gastrointestinal tract are possible. The main symptoms of hemorrhoids:

  • irritation and itching of the anus;
  • pain in the anus;
  • violation of the stool;
  • the presence of blood veins in the feces;
  • blood after an act of defecation;
  • prolapse of hemorrhoids.

What is potency

Before figuring out whether hemorrhoids can affect potency, you should understand what it really is. Often this word means an erection, but this is not entirely true. Decreased sexual function in a man is only part of the concept. In sexology, it is generally accepted that potency is the ability of a man to satisfy the partner’s intimate needs and conceive a child. Based on this, the concept consists of the following terms:

  • sperm functionality;
  • an erection that allows sexual intercourse;
  • energy of sexual and mental drives (libido).

Does hemorrhoids affect potency in men

Doctors often associate hemorrhoids and potency, but some doctors deny this relationship. Pathology in the first stage does not exert any influence on male strength, since it does not cause unpleasant sensations. However, with the development of the disease, when the first symptoms appear, the psychological factor affects. The pain from hemorrhoids during sexual contact extends to the perineum.

To maintain tone, the man forcibly compresses the groin muscles. In this case, increased loads on muscle tissue occur, which causes constant discomfort. Ejaculation is accompanied by burning pain in the urethra, which is similar to the burning sensation experienced during urination. Such sexual intercourse no longer brings a man pleasure, so he begins to avoid sex altogether. Also, when hemorrhoid cones appear on the outside of the anus, bleeding intensifies, which complicates the nutrition of erectile tissue. Over time, this leads to sexual dysfunction.

How hemorrhoids affect potency

With pathological processes in hemorrhoids, malfunctions in the normal functioning of the prostate gland appear. It becomes inflamed, because the intestines begin to squeeze. The second direction in which such a relationship as hemorrhoids and potency is traced is a change in the blood circulation of the pelvis. In the rectum, a stagnant process is observed due to the slow venous outflow, as a result, the man gets prostatitis, which has a great effect on erectile function.

In some cases, the effect of hemorrhoids on potency can occur due to lack of proper nutrition, adherence to bad habits, and refusal of physical activity. Often, potency weakens as a result of pathological changes in the urinary system. During an exacerbation of inflammation of the hemorrhoids, there is a lack of tissue nutrition and a deterioration in the supply of oxygen to the organs of the urinary system, which leads to the development of many diseases.

How to avoid potency problems with hemorrhoids

The reason for starting therapy should be a desire for a normal sex life. It is easier to prevent the disease and carry out prophylaxis than to treat pathology for a long time. It is impossible to fix the problem in one day, but there are several options for improving potency. Do not take sexual intimacy when an exacerbation of hemorrhoids occurs. It is better to immediately consult a doctor who will direct you for an examination. At all stages of the disease, drug therapy will be prescribed: tablets, ointments, creams, suppositories. Complex processes are removed surgically.

Better means that is recommended for men suffering from an unpleasant ailment is timely preventive measures. What to do:

  • normalize nutrition;
  • constantly maintain the area of ​​the perineum clean;
  • exclude heavy physical exertion, but maintain normal activity;
  • do special exercises to restore blood processes in the pelvic organs.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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