How long does an ultrasound show pregnancy

Modern medicine has a great opportunity at an early stage to confirm the existence of an emerging new life. Ultrasound equipment in the hands of a specialist can not only see, but also take the first photo of a small person. Examination of a woman when planning a bearing a child will help to correctly calculate the period of conception.

How long can pregnancy be determined by ultrasound?

What is the examination for, for how long does an ultrasound show pregnancy? The questions that arise for every expectant mother are well founded. To confirm that the conception has come, after conducting an express test with a positive result, in some controversial cases, the doctor prescribes an ultrasound scan. Additionally, a blood test is taken with the determination of the hCG hormone, which will naturally increase from the norm already after several days after the moment of fertilization of the egg.

A study can be done after 5-6 days of a delay in menstruation, when a fetal egg is seen on an ultrasound scan, but with such a short time, the embryo will be visible only when diagnosed by inserting a sensor into the vagina. Through the abdomen (in a transabdominal manner) it will be impossible to consider small changes in the uterus. For greater reliability, it is better to do it from 7-8 weeks, when an ultrasound scan shows pregnancy by any means performed.

Transvaginal ultrasound of early pregnancy

An ultrasound scan made using a transvaginal probe is considered the most reliable. A device protected by a condom and inserted into the vagina is located very close to the pelvic organs of a woman, which are subject to examination. With an initial period of 3 to 6 weeks, diagnosis is carried out only if there is a suspicion that the embryo has fixed in the wrong place, and an ectopic pregnancy could occur.

More accurate data obtained using the sensor helps the doctor not to make mistakes in the timing of the onset of conception with an error of a couple of days. Sometimes you need to take into account the structural features of a woman’s organs in order to make a correct diagnosis. Examination should be done on an empty bladder to avoid data distortion. It is recommended to visit the toilet immediately before entering the office and starting the procedure.

How long does an ultrasound scan indicate transabdominally pregnancy?

Data that allows you to see the results of a transabdominal examination can be obtained later, with the onset of 5-6 weeks. In the coming period, it is already possible to recognize the baby's heartbeat. A sensor lubricated with a special gel is placed and moved along the surface of the abdomen. The monitor at this time shows the result of the state of the organs. The distance to the uterus is greater than with a transvaginal examination, so pregnancy can be recognized by the timing with a difference of about 10-15 days.

It is more difficult for a woman who is overweight to determine the cause of the delay, and at conception to establish the exact date. The larger the layer of fiber and fat, the later will be an accurate diagnosis. Conduct a study on a full bladder. To do this, first, at least a couple of hours, you need to drink from one to two liters of still water.

How long does an ultrasound scan show during a combined examination?

Every woman who wants to give birth to a healthy baby must undergo a combined examination. Upon learning that conception has occurred, the expectant mother can undergo a preliminary study transabdominally, and then transvaginally as prescribed by the doctor (after 10-15 days of delay). If no deviations and threats to the health of the mother are observed, a visit to the uzist is planned later.

Together with the ultrasound procedure, a biochemical screening is done at 11-13 weeks, which shows the possible pathologies of the unborn child. With the help of a double examination in the initial stages, it is possible to determine Down's disease and, at the request of the parents, interrupt the bearing, if such a diagnosis takes place. Every expectant mother wants and must be sure that her unborn baby develops in accordance with the norms. To do this, you need to track the intrauterine development of the fetus.

Is it possible to do ultrasound in early pregnancy

An experienced gynecologist will tell you at what time the ultrasound shows the desired pregnancy. The vaginal probe will determine the fixation of the egg from the third to fourth week. The ultrasound procedure is considered harmless to the future baby and his mother. Her doctor appoints all women who wish to maintain a pregnancy in order to more accurately determine the gestational age of the embryo. When observed, this will help to judge the normal development of growth, the correct formation, and also calculate the date when the birth occurs.

Sometimes, for various reasons, a married couple waits for a positive result for years, showing the conception that has occurred. In such extraordinary cases, with the onset of menstruation, transvaginal intervention by the sensor is not recommended, so as not to provoke a spontaneous miscarriage. Ultrasound to determine pregnancy in the early stages helps to confirm or refute the gynecologist's assumptions on various issues. Thanks to the diagnosis, you can see:

  • fetal viability;
  • threatened miscarriage;
  • uterine hypertonicity;
  • number of fruits.

How long can an ectopic pregnancy be determined?

Unfortunately, an ectopic pregnancy is not so rare, which threatens a woman with surgical intervention, and in some cases the inability to have children in the future. A fetal egg can be seen from the twentieth day of fertilization. More accurate results with a vaginal probe are obtained starting from the 5th week. An empty uterine cavity should cause concern, this may mean that the fertilized cell is in the tube. Additionally, blood donation for hCG is prescribed. The percentage of error is so minimal that it is not taken into account.

Terms of ultrasound during pregnancy

When the health of the expectant mother is not a concern, and there is no pain, discharge at the beginning of pregnancy, there is no need to conduct an early ultrasound examination. Ultrasound, performed as planned, gives the doctor the opportunity to monitor the dynamics of the fetus. At different stages, pathology of both the mother's organs and the child can be detected. Three examinations with different durations of weeks of pregnancy are considered planned:

  1. 10-13;
  2. 18-21;
  3. 30-35.

Learn how to determine pregnancy without a test.

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Karina, 24 years old. I didn’t know at what time the ultrasound shows the onset of pregnancy. When the long-awaited moment of delay came, it turned out that my husband and I could see a small pea on the monitor, which had a heartbeat, and even take the first photo of our baby. It was a discovery that at 7 weeks the equipment already so accurately shows data about the child.
Marina, 20 years old. It so happened that I became pregnant without a husband, but decided to give birth. I found out from the doctor during the examination how long pregnancy is seen on ultrasound. I felt good, so I was assigned to undergo a study at 12 weeks. I called my boyfriend with me. He could not resist the contours of our baby seen in the monitor. He made me an offer.
Irina, 27 years old. During an interesting situation, she underwent ultrasound according to the plan at 11 weeks. It was a surprise when they said how many children will be. Expected twins. Sex was still not very well defined. From the 20th week they already told me that they were a girl and a boy. So wonderful that you can find out in advance who will be born. The husband is simply happy that such an increase immediately.
Svetlana, 33 years old. Gynecologists carried me to the group of old-born mothers, because the conception came after thirty years. From the very first days, special monitoring of my condition and the baby was supported by ultrasound diagnostics. All tests and studies have confirmed that I have a healthy baby. It’s good that doctors have such equipment.