Over-the-counter sedatives: list of drugs

In the life of every person there are times when you can not do without taking medications. It is not easy to choose a potent sedative without prescriptions, so it is recommended to consult with your doctor first, determine the cause of the pathology and the best way to quickly eliminate it. The range of medicines in the pharmacy is huge.

Over-the-counter sedatives

If a woman has suffered extreme stress, a nervous breakdown, the doctor recommends sedatives without a prescription, since their action in the body is mild, safe, quick, focused. This is an effective way to calm shattered nerves, pull yourself together and emotionally relax without harming your health. Such recipes are recommended for men with increased nervousness. It remains only to find out the list of the most productive drugs, according to medical indications.

Bromine preparations

These medicines are also called sodium or potassium bromides, and are prescribed for loosened nervous system in strictly specified doses. Allowed to be used more in adulthood, among side effects can cause increased drowsiness, distracted attention. Before purchasing, it will not be superfluous to consult a specialist in advance. Bright representatives of this group are as follows:

  • Adonis bromine;
  • Potassium bromide;
  • Sodium bromide.

Herbal products

These are homeopathic medicines that, without a prescription, have a mild, sedative effect. The soothing effect is provided by herbal extracts, tinctures with herbal components, natural fees. Doctors with nervous disorders recommend taking medications with valerian and hawthorn, do not forget about the sedative properties of lemon balm, peony, motherwort. The following names have proven themselves well in medical practice:

  • peony drug preparations;
  • motherwort preparations;
  • Alora;
  • Valerian.

Combined sedatives

This is a combination of the two groups described above, which provides a powerful sedative effect. The presence of plant components has a safe effect on the nervous system, and bromine ensures quick relaxation of smooth muscles. The drugs are harmless, and the sedative effect is observed 15-20 minutes after taking a single serving. Below are the most famous medicines of this pharmacological group:

  • New Passit;
  • Persen;
  • Sanoson;
  • Laikan;
  • Nervoflux.

Over-the-counter antidepressants

If anger and irritability occurs in the mind for no apparent reason, it is recommended to take a sedative course without a prescription. These can be antidepressants, but not all, since more often representatives of this pharmacological group sell in a pharmacy without a prescription. Doctors prescribe such a powerful help with visible signs of depression, when the patient cannot independently cope with a changeable mood, an oppressive state. Over-the-counter sedatives are:

  • Melipramine;
  • Clofranil;
  • Imipramine;
  • Saroten
  • Anafralin

Sedative tranquilizers

The main disadvantage of such sedatives is a sleeping pill from side effects. In childhood, tranquilizers are rarely prescribed, while many adult patients have been “living” on them for several months. The health consequences are serious, therefore, before the start of the course, it is important to consult a specialist, but not superficial self-medication at random. The following sedatives are well known:

  • Diazepam;
  • Bromazepam
  • Phenazepam;
  • Lorazepam;
  • Atarax.

Antipsychotic group

Such sedatives are not recommended to be taken without a prescription or to do this with great care, according to medical prescriptions. These are inexpensive remedies for neurosis, which additionally suppress mental confusion, panic attacks, and attacks of a nervous breakdown. The active components have a synthetic base, but retain a mild effect in the body of an adult and a child. A list of known medications is presented below:

  • Dicarbin;
  • Clozapine;
  • Alimemazine;
  • Droperidol;
  • Sulpiride.

Strong over-the-counter sedatives

It is better not to buy cheap medications with a sedative effect, as they can disrupt the functioning of the nervous system and the transmission of impulses. Patients prefer a tablet form or a soothing tea. The form of release does not matter, and the sedative effect with a correctly selected chemical formula is not in doubt, suitable even for a child.

Mechanism of action

Soothing tablets without prescriptions provide inhibition of the nervous system, weaken the excitability of nerve impulses. After the first dose, the heart rate stabilizes, excessive sweating of the hands goes away, stomach cramps disappear, physiological sleep normalizes. In such a safe way, the state of the vegetative system returns to normal, and the patient again feels the joy of life.

Side effects

Strong soothing pills without prescription provide not only a sedative effect, but also some disorders in the functioning of the nervous system. For example, doctors do not exclude inhibition of the reaction, increased drowsiness, passivity, slowness and a sharp decline in performance. To relieve symptoms of hyperactivity in adolescents, doctors recommend just such sedatives. They can be bought without a prescription in every pharmacy.

Good over-the-counter sedatives

Such medications are in the form of drops for oral administration, tablets and subcutaneous injections, but in the latter case we are talking about prescription drugs. The rest of sedatives can be bought at the pharmacy, used as intended after studying the attached annotation. One patient is enough for one course to normalize the nervous system, and for others - it is advisable to repeat the treatment after a week break.

Herbal tinctures

  1. Motherwort tincture - A strong sedative without prescription, which is available in the form of oral drops. The action is easy, harmless. Contraindications - intolerance to motherwort or alcohol from the drug. The average dose is 20 drops three times a day.
  2. Peony tincture - A good sedative without prescriptions, insisted on alcohol. The action is safe, but taking the medicine is not recommended during pregnancy, breastfeeding, intolerance to the components.
  3. Drops of morozov - anti-anxiety, which combines motherwort root, valerian, peppermint, hawthorn alcohol-based. You can take for treatment, effective prevention.

A powerful sedative in over-the-counter tablets

  1. Afobazole - An easy tranquilizer that effectively fights the symptoms of increased anxiety. A sedative is dispensed without a medical prescription and prescription, does not cause an addictive effect, and drowsiness and lethargy are absent among side effects.
  2. Glycine - white lozenges, providing an easy relaxing effect. The medicine increases stress resistance, reduces conflict and aggressiveness, which is especially appropriate in adolescence.
  3. Persen - This is a combination of mint, valerian and lemon balm, which provides a stable and long-lasting sedative effect. In addition, it is an effective antispasmodic that eliminates pain of varying intensity. You need to drink a single dose, and the general condition normalizes after 10-15 minutes.
  4. Neuroplant - This is a St. John's wort drug, which is not only soothing, but also a mild antidepressant with a mild effect. The plant base allows you to use the tool for the treatment and prevention of nervous disorders in childhood and adolescence. The full analogue is Negrustin.
  5. Deprim - high-speed tablets or capsules with St. John's wort extract in natural composition. The active component quickly acts on the autonomic system, provides relaxation of smooth muscles, emotional balance. The natural basis excludes the list of contraindications.
Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.