How to pinch tomatoes in a greenhouse. Do I need to pinch

In order to get a notable tomato crop, you need to follow certain agricultural practices: sow, plant seedlings, fertilize, and water on time. Of all the methods for caring for tomatoes, gardeners most often have questions about pinching, or pinching. This is natural, because only a properly formed bush will please an abundance of fruits.

What is pinching plants

Most garden crops first grow green mass, then begin to bear fruit. When fruits are poured and sung, the growth of shoots slows down. Pinching is the removal of excess shoots of plants. This agronomic technique is aimed at slowing down the growth of greenery in order to increase the greater fruit mass. In strongly branching varieties, extra shoots are removed (nibbled) so that the plant is not too thickened.

Many vegetables (cucumbers, melons, pumpkins, watermelons and others) can yield a certain weight. If there are a lot of fruits on the lashes, they will grow small, if not enough, large, while their total mass will not change. You need to pinch such plants to reduce the number of ovaries and get a better crop. The pinching of tomatoes of large-fruited varieties allows you to grow exhibition giant vegetables weighing 1 kg or more.

Do I need to pinch tomatoes

Is it obligatory to practice pinching tomatoes in your country house? To answer this question, you need to know which varieties you prefer to grow. Tomatoes can be conditionally divided into three groups: indeterminate, determinant and superdeterminant. The first are vines growing up to two meters or more, the second are medium-sized plants, the third are low bushes. Before deciding how to pinch tomatoes, you need to decide which plant we are dealing with.

Low-growing tomatoes give a moderate number of stepsons (shoots growing from the leaf sinus). Such sprouts, growing up, become branches on which fruit brushes are tied. In this case, pinching can lead to a decrease in the total yield. In determinant and bush nipples, only growth shoots without ovaries are worth pinching. When planting seedlings, read the description of the variety. Of undersized and medium-sized tomatoes, they often write: "doesn’t need pinching."

Indeterminant, or tall plants, behave quite differently. They grow stepchildren from each sinus. Some of them form clusters of fruits, others do not. There are so many ovaries and green mass that the bush becomes like a dense forest. He spends a lot of energy on supporting the life of stepchildren, building on them fruits, which, however, will not have time to ripen. In order for the strength of such a bush to be spent rationally, it needs to be formed, pinch off the extra shoots, ovaries.

How to shape tomatoes in a greenhouse

In serious greenhouse farms and amateur heated and unheated greenhouses, mainly tall varieties and hybrids of tomatoes are grown. So the volume of the shelter dome is used more rationally. Harvest from an indeterminate tomato bush is several times higher than from a stunted one. The question of how to pinch tomatoes is especially relevant for indoor plants.

About the formation of a bush of tomatoes in a greenhouse you need to think in advance, while still picking and planting seedlings in a permanent place. The distance between rows and plants in a row will depend on the chosen pattern of formation of the bush. This is understandable: for a tomato growing in three stems, you need more space than for one that consists of one vine. Tomatoes growing in the greenhouse must be tied up and stepsoned.

How to pinch tomatoes

The best moment for thinning stepsons is when they have already appeared, but have not yet gained strength. At this time, the shoot is easily removed with the help of two fingers - it is "plucked off". For successful development and generous fruiting of the tomato bush, one, two or three trunks can be left in the greenhouse. With this formation, the plant is easy to care for, and the return on it will be maximum.

The formation of tomatoes in one stalk

Instructions on how to form a tomato bush in a greenhouse into one stem are not needed. You just need to pinch all the side shoots throughout the growing season. The plant will grow with one trunk, which must be regularly tied to a net or solid support. By the middle or end of August, the top of the stem should also be tied, cut off the flowers and small ovaries in order to accelerate the ripening of the lower, commodity tomatoes.

Two-stalked tomato planting

How to pinch greenhouse tomatoes to form a bush in two trunks? Inspect the first pair of stepsons who grew up because of the bottom sheets of the main stem. Choose the one that makes you look stronger, healthier. He will become the second, additional growth shoot. Each stem needs to be attached to a grid or an individual support. All stepsons from both stems must be removed without sparing. Do not forget to pinch the tops before the end of summer in order to speed up the filling and ripening of fruits.

If a grown additional stem is buried or just covered with earth at the base, the plant will be able to grow a powerful additional root system. This will help the tomato to get food for the second shoot, without prejudice to the first. Such a tomato grows powerful, bears fruit well. Tall tomatoes growing in open ground are similarly formed.

The formation of tomatoes in a greenhouse in three stems

To remember how to pinch tomatoes, forming a three-trunked plant, pay attention to the step-by-step plan:

  1. At the main stalk, leave two or three lower stepson (the third will be a backup).
  2. In grown branches, it is advisable to fill the base with soil to form additional roots.
  3. Each barrel is separately secured to the grid or individual support.
  4. During the growing season, you must regularly pinch all stepsons from each of the three trunks.
  5. By the end of summer, do not forget to pinpoint growth points and remove late inflorescences, small ovaries, yellow and damaged leaves.

When to pinch tomatoes

Build a tomato bush as early as possible, when the planted seedlings begin to grow rapidly. It is very difficult to deal with stepsons on an adult, neglected plant, therefore it is better to pinch off the extra shoots when young, when their length does not exceed 10 cm.To ensure that the fruits are beautiful throughout the growing season, make it a rule to remove stepsons from plants every week. Then the tomato bushes in your greenhouse will be worthy to show off even in the advertising photo.

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